Culver Technology Finance

Vendor Programs

Making it Easy for Customers

slider-3Vendor Programs by Culver Technology Finance provide lease financing solutions and custom sales tools for equipment and software vendors to close more sales. Our experienced leasing professionals take the time to understand your customers, design a leasing solution that’s right for them and help you implement it successfully in the sales process.

Culver Capital’s Vendor Programs spread the upfront costs of new equipment and income-producing technology affordably across time, making it easier for customers to do business with you. Smaller monthly payments frees up capital, offers potential tax savings and builds-in hardware and software-related upgrades related in the future.

Features of the Culver Capital Leasing Vendor Program include:

  • Custom designed lease application with your company logo-Vendor lease programs become an integral tool of your sales strategy.
  • Custom marketing pieces designed for your product and lease options available to your customers-Targets your audience with custom leasing plans and market-specific wording.
  • Personalized service with your customers for quotes and application processing-Friendly, knowledgeable leasing agents take care of the details so you can work on other deals.
  • Up to 100% pre-funding on transactions-Speeds up delivery of equipment and implementation process.
  • Overnight and e-mail service for all lease documents-Provides rapid turnaround and fast processing to expedite the process.
  • D&B information to keep you informed about your potential customer-Helps you focus on real sales producing opportunities.
  • Structured financing for special requirements in the delivery or implementation process-Provides additional incentives to lease by the customer.
  • Software only leasing-Software only leasing has always been available and heavy implementation may always be included in your lease offerings.
  • Master Lease structure-Makes it easy to add-on equipment or projects with phases are easily added.

We are always available to speak to your customer and take the credit information over the telephone. From courteous and professional service to competitive rates, we want to help close the sale.

Ready to offer equipment lease financing for your customers and close more sales? Contact us to become a partner in the Culver Capital Leasing Vendor Program.