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Culver Technology Finance can establish individual leases as well as establish Master Lease Lines of Credit for companies, giving them access to multiple take downs throughout the year and simplifying the process and reducing the logistics of projects that work with multiple vendors.

We offer both small and medium ticket equipment lease transactions, ranging from $10,000 up to multi-million dollar transactions.

Lease Financing Program Specifics

  1. Line Amount: Two categories depending on a client’s need.
    1. Small Ticket:$25,000 to $150,000
      1. Application-Only Program: Small Ticket Lease Program. The Small Ticket Lease Program is designed to allow businesses to meet their equipment acquisition needs expeditiously, as well as allowing them to establish their corporate credit for future acquisitions.
    2. Mid Ticket:$150,000 to $10,000,000
      1. The Mid-Ticket segment is designed for companies with continuous capital expenditure needs. Culver’s experienced staff assists in developing competitive lease structures to fit equipment financing needs over a 12-18 month period by establishing Master Lease Lines of Credit.
  2. Facility: Master Lease Line of Credit
  3. Repayment: Generally Principal & Interest
  4. Term: 12 to 60 months (Special Programs available that offer up to 120 months)
  5. End of Term Options: FMV, 10% FMV or $1.00 buy out.
    1. Consult your CPA for the best program that will meet your Year-End Tax needs or bank covenants that may require off-balance sheet leases.
  6. Warrant Coverage: Optional (Available only on Mid-Ticket Transactions)
  7. Use of Proceeds: Capital Equipment Acquisitions.
  8. Collateral: Equipment Specific Liens.
    1. Advantageous over the traditional bank’s blanket lien.
  9. Specialty Transactions: Synthetic Leases, Tax Leases, Operating Leases, First Amendment Leases, Lease Lines of Credit, Sale Leasebacks, Refinancing, and TRAC Leases.
    1. Additional season and industry related lease programs also available.