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Past Transactions

Past Transactions

100% Customer Satisfaction

We at Culver Technology Finance pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. With a high level of communication between our clients, we are able to customize a loan that is right for your business. We offer both small and medium ticket equipment lease transactions, ranging from $10,000 up to multi-million dollar transactions.

Summaries of Past Transactions

  1. Culver Technology Finance has provided Asset Management for a major bank with over 4,000 desktop, laptop, and network devices with the flexibility to change out up to 25% of these units per year with the lease rate remaining constant by extending the lease for 12 months.
  2. We provided a large department store chain’s data center with a storage facility asset management program where we added X number of Gigabytes of storage each quarter over a three year period at a level lease payment so that they had both their growth and budget planning coordinated.
  3. We provided a major retailer with a point of sale upgrade/refresh from one manufacturer to a different vendor. On a quarterly basis we installed X number of stores with the new Fujitsu POS and removed the installed NCR POS. We used our reseller arm to remarket these NCR POS units and gave the customer a credit toward some of the costs of the new Fujitsu equipment. The customer was refreshing over 500 stores and they know it would probably not go as planned, so we included in the transaction the flexibility to change the scheduling for equipment going in and out as the rollout unfolded based on the real time problems of such a major conversion.